Poker Room Reviews

Searching through the poker room reviews out there can be a bit confusing, but this is why you need to be sure that you know exactly what to look for in a good poker room review. There are many key factors that make up an excellent review of an online poker room, but most importantly it's all about finding the information that you really need to make a good decision about picking the best online poker site out there for your needs. Poker reviews should include in-depth information about each online poker site that is featured, and here we are going to include the information that you should take into consideration. Reviews should not only include the positive information about an online poker site, but also if there are any negatives, which will typically be given in a poker room review under each specific section. Let's begin breaking down the different sections of a poker room review.

Bonuses and Promotion

The reason why bonuses and promotions are going to fall here first, is because this is probably going to be one of the first things that you are going to notice on a site. When you login to the site you'll see many different bonuses and talks about how the bonuses work. It's important when you are reading through the reviews of a bonus at an online poker site, that you read up not only about how big the bonus is, but also how to clear the bonus, how it is sent into your account, and also things about how to get the bonus cleared between cash games and tournaments specifically.

The promotions on the site that you are looking at are definitely included in reviews, mainly relating to different tournament series' that the site runs, or things like the VIP programs that are offered as well. They will explain how you can earn some extra cash and work your way through the VIP loyalty program on the site as well. There are all types of promotions and many players need to really focus on the promotions as they can be a great way to build up your account.

Cash Games and Tournaments

Any online poker review is likely to feature information about the different cash games and tournaments the site offers. The reason for this is obviously because it's one of the most important things! If an online poker site doesn't feature games, stakes, or specific tournament types that you are interested in, then you really aren't going to even need to check out the site at all. There are different types of tournaments, but the biggest thing is the guaranteed tournaments and different styles that players really enjoy taking part in such as rebuys or freezeouts. A good amount of this information will come from the online poker reviews, and you can likely get the information about this based on how many different tournaments are consistently running at the specific poker site.


The software is a huge part of any online poker site, and if you find a site that doesn't have a site that you feel comfortable playing at, then you may as well just keep on moving. Software not only includes the in-game play at the site specifically, but also features the lobby and many other parts. A good poker review is likely going to feature a look at the in-game play, as well as how the lobby works also. One key aspect about the software is how multi-tabling goes, things that you can do with the tables during the play, and many other things also. Software is importantly, so don't overlook look as a key option for a poker review.

Customer Service

No matter what anyone says, customer service always matters. It's pretty great if a site does a good job with email support, but having a site that only does email support, unless they are known for responding quickly and being very helpful with it. Many online poker sites are going to offer customer support through either/or live chat and phone support, both of which get your questions answered right away. Most live chat and phone support options are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, which is a huge help for players.


You have to get a good feel for the competition at the site, and while many online poker sites currently are going to have a good mix of strong and below average poker players, be sure to check into what each site actually has in terms of overall talent. If you can find competition that caters to a solid player, then this is the type of site that you want to join up with. On the other hand, if you are a mid to high stakes player that is going to be up against a tough pool of competition at one site, then you may end up having to check into another site with a bit of an easier level of competition.